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Walgreens Commercial 2023

Am I missing something here? When the Walgreens commercial begins, a lady is putting a prosthetic on her left leg, and in the next scene, the "prosthetic" is on her right leg. Is the second scene a look-a-like or a twin who is pretending to wear a prosthetic? I'm not sure what the idea was behind that. They could have simply shown the lady putting the prosthetic on her left leg if she isn't able to steady herself on it. Watch the YouTube video of the commercial below.  Walgreens logo courtesy of WiscNews
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The Mummy 1999 Bloopers

While watching the 1999 version of The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser and Evelyn Weisz, I noticed so many inconsistencies.  Image courtesy of IMDB First off, at the beginning of the movie, Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) is bound in mummy wrap. The scarabs that were put into his sarcophagus with him quickly started eating away at his flesh. Later in the movie, we see others have their flesh eaten off in a matter of seconds, yet Evelyn (Weisz) tells Rick (Fraser) and her brother, Jonathan (John Hannah) that the flesh of Imhotep would have been eaten slowly. Which is highly contradictory to what we are being shown. Upon opening Imhotep's sarcophagus, there are also scratch marks on the lid, trying to make us believe he tried to claw his way out. Again, at the beginning of the movie, Imhotep was tightly mummy wrapped, deeming it impossible for him to have attempted clawing his way out of the sarcophagus. Besides, he was also eaten alive by those scarabs - whether quickly or slowly.  Later on

The Fun of TV and Cinema

I only watch if it's fun. Sometimes, I'll watch if it's scary or has a flare of mystery. But mostly, TV and cinema have to be fun, even if it involves all of the strange, often missed bloopers or discovering a new series that attracts my attention. Every once in a while, a TV show might be worth binging. Sorry TV sitcom and drama lovers, I just cannot sit down at the same time every week to watch a TV show.  However, now that streaming is an option, I might try to watch an older TV show on my time. This might include binging a few episodes in one week, and I may not get to watch another episode for 2 or 3 weeks. Sitting down in front of the TV is my family's favorite pastime together. And if we really like a movie or classic TV show, we'll watch them over and over. And eventually, we know so much about them that we know many of the little inconsistencies from each one. It has almost become a game to see who can find the most inconsistencies during our two hours in f

Hooked on Cedar Cove

Okay, ladies, I'm watching a show on my Hallmark iPhone app called Cedar Cove. Andie MacDowell stars in this sweet show based on a book series written by Debbie Macomber. You can actually watch the series at the following link online:  hallmark channel debbie macomber cedar cove - Google Search .  I just discovered Debbie Macomber books before Christmas 2022, and I love her work. And the fact that this show is based on her books and also stars Andie MacDowell, as Judge Olivia, really drew me in. Now, with that said, the plot jumps around a lot. However, it's fairly simple to follow none the less. I'm two shows into the series, and I'm not finding any inconsistencies. One of the character faces has changed from Season 1 episode 1 to Season 1 episode 2 - one of Justine's (Judge Olivia's daughter) interests, Seth.  The dialogue sounds like real-life conversations in my opinion. Most dialogue sounds very scripted in many of today's shows . It is fairly easy to d

All-Star Munster S1 Ep17

On Season 1 Episode 17 of The Munsters TV show, Marilyn gets sent home from college due to unpaid tuition. When Herman goes to the college to try to straighten out the mishap, he is mistaken for someone else, Moose Mallory, who was supposed to be the school's newest one-star wonder. In the contract signing, Herman is told by the coaches that there will be no tuition fees. They meant no tuition fees for him; he thought they were talking about Marilyn's tuition fees. This is the common communication gap that only the audience is aware of at the time.  Image courtesy of IMDB When the Munster family discovers the mistake in the paper the next day, they realize that Marilyn's tuition still isn't paid for. The real Moose Mallory reads about the signing as well, and he and his father go to the Munster's home to straighten the matter out. Somewhere from that point until the end, the deviation from the plot begins. Marilyn's tuition is completely forgotten about, and a